Advancing Global Trade

Dockflow is an Antwerp-based startup reinventing trade for the digital era

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Our vision

We strive for a transition from traditional supply chains to interconnected sets of agile and dynamic trade networks. Imagine the endless possibilities of smart, open and automated systems: faster, better, cheaper and greener logistics around the world. This is embodied in the concept of the Physical Internet.

These sets of agile and dynamic trade networks result in collaboration across all playing fields.


Data governance

We believe the solution lies in high-quality digital data governance and exchange. Creating an open, digital backbone for data exchange in global trade networks.


Our action plan

We help businesses, governments and industries implement new technologies through a holistic approach: by considering the technical aspect as merely a part of the puzzle. We start from the real-world business and legal requirements, critically assessing how technology could improve the current situation.


We provide advisory for digital transformation projects in supply chains and trade networks – this is not unheard of. Doing so, however,  allows us to acquire in-depth knowledge and insights which we use for testing hypotheses and building a product. Our consultancy gives us funds and market knowledge to develop a completely new scaleable product or service.


We provide research and advice on business and legal implications of emerging digital trends and new technologies. Our team actively participates in and contributes to academic, commercial, private and government-led research projects, events and forums.

» Case: Barriers to blockchain data sharing in maritime logistics

Through our holistic approach, we bring clarity in digitization and automation projects. We support decisions on partner and software selection, and help in sketching implementation roadmaps and follow-up.

» Case: Legacy applications and continuous delivery

Blockchain has been hyped as one of the most disruptive technologies since the internet. However, not a single uniformly successful use case has emerged. We map your data and business requirements, make recommendations and provide a critical outlook on the technology platforms that might possibly govern this data.

What are the benefits?


Results: the benefits of good data governance

Higher quality

Your quality of service to partners and customers will improve

Faster process

Processes will become much more efficient

Cost efficiency

Your processes become less expensive, with lower overhead costs

Better IT projects

No more IT projects going over time, over budget or not performing well

Employee turnover

Less tiresome and repetitive tasks for administrative employees


Reduce the risk of security breaches, data leakage and GDPR-confusion

Enable growth

Innovation and business growth are no longer hindered

Reduce negative impact

Lower your operations’ strain on people and on the environment

The team: a passion for technology and business


Partner & Digital Trade Architect

As a Business Engineer in Management Information Systems, Michiel has researched the opportunities and barriers of Blockchain-enabled data sharing and document transfer in maritime logistics. He has a proven 5y+ experience of providing digital solutions for SMEs.


Partner & Digital Trade Architect

After having obtained his Master’s degree in law, Troy worked at one of Belgium’s most well-known maritime law firms. Here he picked up his passion for logistics. Because he wanted to tackle the inefficiencies plaguing the sector he completed a Master in Management program at the Antwerp Management School where he learned more about data technology.


Partner & Digital Trade Architect

A passionate marketeer and Business Engineering student, Pauline also has a background in organizing global internship experiences for students and young graduates through AIESEC.



Alexander is a Business Engineering  student with a passion for supply chain and strategy in organizations. He specializes in disruptive technologies, customer relations and optimization.



Lien – a Master student Business Engineering in Management of Information Systems – is driven by a passion for IT, transport and logistics.



Andrey is a goal-driven LTD FIVEWALLS team member who aims to turn your ideas into reality. He has over 5 years of experience and always seeks to create the greatest solution within a given budget. Also, Andrey is a US scholarship student exchange program winner.

Our advisors

Our Board of Advisors consists of a mix of people with different backgrounds and expertise, critically assessing strategy and management decisions.

Vassilios Kritis

Dieter De Graeve

Jeroen Janssens

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