Author: Michiel Valee

Legality of digital trade documents

  “It will be the Rotterdam Rules OR paper documents.” – prof. Michael Sturley made a very clear statement in his presentation in the CMI Standing Committee Carriage of Goods meeting last week in London, stressing the importance of regulatory frameworks for digital trade. The – unratified – Rotterdam Rules (2009) can be considered an…
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13th November 2018 0

NxtPort en data sharing: kunnen we het wel?

Woensdag jongstleden werd in een Co-Envision-sessie – powered by NxtPort – nagedacht rond digitale douane. Belangrijke mannen met invloedrijke mandaten, bakken ervaring en een gewichtige stem in het ons-kent-ons wereldje van de Antwerpse haven. “Hoera”, denkt elke gebruiker van het niet-altijd-even-beschikbare PLDA (PaperLess Douane en Accijnzen) systeem. Wie na het VOKA douanecongres nog deels op…
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2nd June 2018 0

Monetizing Blockchain: A case-solving approach

More and more startups are exploring blockchain technology. This is illustrated by a 619% increase of startups listed on AngelList from 2016 to the end of 2017, from 187 to 1.335 [1]. Yet, the business models supporting the long-term survival of these startups seem to be of lesser importance. More often than not, the buzz…
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7th December 2017 0

Comments: “Freight forwarding as a standalone business will be virtually extinct”

“Freight forwarding as a standalone business will be virtually extinct” The McKinsey 2067 outlook for the Container Shipping business continues: “[This because] digital interactions will have reduced the need for intermediaries to manage logistics services for multiple participants in the value chain.” [1]   Seems like a bold prediction. With more complex supply chain networks,…
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4th November 2017 0

Continuous delivery of Java applications: hands-on

Many companies struggle with their legacy IT applications – also coined the “Shit Of Yesterday” (SOY). These applications have become unmaintainable and unmanageable. This is partly due to outdated design paradigms in software development. In a waterfall methodology, project specifications are ought to be captured, documented and implemented in a sequential way. Countering this, newer…
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17th October 2017 0

Barriers to Blockchain data sharing in maritime logistics

New technology brings new possibilities, and there is no shortage on articles praising the benefits that blockchain will bring to the maritime logistics industry. The claims are that, using Blockchain, processes can be executed more securely and faster than with the current paper and electronic interfacing approaches. Is this really so? Let’s take the example…
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30th September 2017 2